I love Parachute. You probably should too. You stay classy, San Diego.

(Party like a rock star. You go Will)
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Who is getting their tickets tomorrow?!?!

I have mixed emotions about Nate leaving Parachute. It makes me sad to think that he won’t physically be playing with the rest of the band anymore. I am so proud of him though! Going to school is hard. I couldn’t imagine having a break and then going back. (Personally speaking, I don’t think that I would ever find the motivation to go back!) I’m glad that Nate has decided to further his education and kick some business school butt! He is such a genuinely wonderful person and I can’t wait to see the things that he is going to accomplish in the future. I pray that God blesses his him abundantly as he starts this new journey of his life. Good luck, Nate! Thank you for 7 years of greatness!







this tore a hole in my heart imagine how the boys feel :( they look up to these bands and now look. I’m really sad.

This is literally so upsetting.

I want Luke to see this and tweet them back with a huge list of songs he knows, and a picture of their songs on his phone played a million times.
Being a celeb doesn’t give you the right to be fucking rude.

This is the same bullshit stigma of the whole, “Oh, so you’re a fan of ____? NAME AT LEAST 10 OF THEIR SONGS.” I love Hayley, I really do, but this really pushed me towards the edge. Yeah, Hayley, WHO are YOU to judge. You are a successful punk singer in the same highlight as 5 Seconds of Summer. How about you come out wearing a tank of a band who influenced your sound, and have people criticize you? Yeah, now ain’t that fun? 
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finals are over, grades are posted, school is out and i am going to take a 12 hour nap.


If Will doesn’t make a snapchat of this then what’s the point.
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